Take advantage of our Service & Parts Specials! 
After a grueling winter its time to give your vehicle some TLC!  Have your vehicle checked and prepped for the spring and summer by taking advantage of our amazing service offers below!


Summer Battery Inspection - Only $89.99
Get your battery inspected before old man winter arrives! Your battery has a tough job during the cold winter. It requires MORE power to start when the temperatures outside are colder, and those temperatures make it harder for your battery to provide power to your vehicle. Before winter gets an icy grip on your battery, come in and have your electrical system tested! Including your battery AND alternator!

Lube Oil & Filter - Only $99.99
Changing your engine oil is vital in protecting your vehicle. Regular maintenance is the key to have worry free driving all year round. Peace of mind service includes - Lube, oil & filter, tire rotation, brake inspection, front and rear suspension inspection, inspect and top up all fluids as necessary , inspect lights, battery, tire wear, written report available.
Spring Tune Up & Inspection - Only $79.99
A thorough mechanical inspection is highly recommended after the treacherous winter driving season is over. Our technicians will completely inspect front and rear brakes, suspension and steering components, linkages, fluids, filters, and any driveability concerns to ensure you are ready for spring.

Four Wheel Alignment - Only $179.99
We help ensure that all four tires are aligned properly with manufacturer specifications. Four wheel alignments are required and help reduce excessive/premature tire wear. Alignments will improve fuel economy and excessive wear and tear on suspension components.
 Tire Swap (on rims) - Only $79.99
 Now is the time that winter tires should be removed and swapped. When the temperature reaches above 7 degrees Celsius it is recommended to swap tires because winter tires will wear out excessively in warmer weather. Changing over your winter tires at the appropriate interval will increase tire life.
Brake Fluid Service - Only $149.99
Replenish hydraulic brake fluid, bleed any existing air in the hydraulic system, extends the life of hydraulic brake components (Dealer recommended at 40,000k)

Brake Caliper Service - Only $229.99
Clean front and rear brake caliper supports, lubricate sliders, pins, and ensure brake pads are moving freely. This service extends brake pad and rotor life! 

Cooling System Service - Only $199.99
Flush out old contaminated coolant, flush radiator, hoses, heater core. This service optimizes cooling system performance and restores cooling efficiency.
(Dealer recommended at 100,000 kms)

Transmission Filter Service - Only $349.99
Remove and replace transmission filter, fluid, perform transmission quick learn diagnostic and reset adaptive values. 


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